Chibok young ladies: Freed understudies rejoin with families in Nigeria

boko haram kidnappingTwenty-one schoolgirls who had been hijacked by the Islamist gather Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Chibok have been brought together with their families.

In a passionate function in the capital Abuja, one of the young ladies said they had made due for 40 days without sustenance and barely got away demise at any rate once.

It is indistinct how the discharge was arranged, however an authority says talks are under approach to free some more young ladies.

Of the 276 understudies captured in April 2014, 197 are as yet lost.

One of the young ladies liberated said amid a Christian function in Abuja: “I was… [in] the forested areas when the plane dropped a bomb close me yet I wasn’t hurt.

“We had no sustenance for one month and 10 days yet we didn’t pass on. We express gratitude toward God,” she included, talking in the neighborhood Hausa dialect.

A large number of the hijacked understudies were Christian yet had been coercively changed over to Islam amid imprisonment.

Another young lady said: “We never envisioned that we would see this day however, with the assistance of God, we could leave oppression.”

Energized relatives were holding up to be brought together with the young ladies, who were discharged last Thursday.

One parent said: “We express gratitude toward God. I never thought I was going to see my little girl again however here she is… The individuals who are still out there – may God take them back to be brought together with their folks.”

Nigerian powers have denied reports that caught Boko Haram warriors were swapped for the young ladies. However, one security official told the BBC that four administrators had been liberated.

The AP news organization likewise reported that a “nice looking payoff”, in the a large number of dollars, was paid by the Swiss government for the benefit of the Nigerian government.

Nigeria’s Information Minister Lai Mohammed said Thursday’s discharge was “the initial step” for the freedom of all the rest of the young ladies.

“As of now we are on stage two and we are now in talks,” he told writers on Sunday.

“Obviously you know these are exceptionally fragile arrangements, there are a few guarantees we made additionally about the privacy of the whole practice and we plan to keep them.”

A portion of the abducted young ladies figured out how to escape inside hours of their seizing, for the most part by hopping off lorries and running into close-by hedges.

Altogether, 219 young ladies were caught and taken away. In any case, it creates the impression that a portion of the young ladies may have kicked the bucket in bondage.

What’s more, reports say that, taking after over two years in bondage and in the wake of being offered to Boko Haram warriors, a portion of the young ladies would prefer not to go home.

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