Svalbard sees ‘shocking’ temperatures near freezing point

Record – In this Friday June 13, 2008 document photograph, a polar bear remains on an ice floe close to the Ice archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. Researchers said Friday, Nov. 25, 2016 that Svalbard has seen such extraordinary warmth this year that the normal yearly temperature could wind up above solidifying surprisingly on record. (AP Photograph/Romas Dabrukas, Document)

The typical yearly normal in Svalbard, an island bunch halfway between the North Shaft and mainland Norway, is short 6.7 C (20 F) and the hottest year up to this point was 2006, when the normal temperature in Svalbard was less 1.8 C (29 F), Isaksen said.

“Svalbard is a decent spot to demonstrate what’s occurring in the Ice right now,” he said, taking note of that each of the previous 73 months has been hotter than normal.

The rising temperatures in the Cold are influencing permafrost and snow cover and in addition the measure of ocean ice, which this year was the second-least on record. Isaksen said the ocean ice is working up much slower than ordinary as winter methodologies.

“There are still gigantic regions in the Barents Ocean and Kara Ocean toward the east of Svalbard that are free of ice,” he said. “They ought to typically be ice-shrouded.”

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